Monday, February 10, 2020

Information literacy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Information literacy - Research Paper Example fective, and acceptable ways of family planning of their choice, and have the right to appropriate health-care services that enable women to go through pregnancy and childbirth safely (Nelen et al., 916-91). Accessibility of sexual and reproductive health care is both a critical need and a right, but during crisis situations; when vulnerabilities increase drastically increase, these services are not always available or even prioritized. In fact, lack of accessibility to sexual and reproductive health care leads to the cause of disease, death and disability amongst displaced women and girls within the reproductive age. The majority of countries that have high maternal mortality rates are affected by conflict for not providing reproductive health services. The womens Refugee Commission works on the innovative programming to improve the sexual and reproductive health of all people affected by crises. Their initiatives include; emergency preparedness and disaster risk reduction, community empowerment approaches and new technologies, and child marriage and emergency response. It involved identifying critical gaps in sexual and reproductive health and making recommendations on the solutions to meet the needs of the women and girls specifically. In order to ensure that lifesaving reproductive health services are provided from the very beginning of an emergency situation. The UN agencies, donors, governments and other organizations need to ensure they are implementing the Minimum Initial Service Packages (MISP) for Reproductive Health during crises situations. There should be a set of priority practices and tradition for health care professionals. When a crisis situation stabilizes, the full range of all sexual and reproductive health services should be made available for all persons. It is the difference between life and death to access quality health services. This access is limited particularly in crisis settings, increasing the risk of maternal death. The main

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